About Us

Interiors Square is a Minimalist’s dream come true . Our core competence is designing and executing projects guided by principles of Minimalism.

We are an off-shoot vertical of Service Square – having 20+ years experience in delighting customers. We aim at providing design solutions that create simple, yet soulful living spaces, in alignment with the tenets of Minimalism, to help our clients embrace a stress-free, effortless lifestyle.

Our minimalist designs are aimed at functionality, space optimization, free air flow, harmonious furnishing, and graceful elegance, to usher in an atmosphere of serenity and a timeless aesthetic. The design team at Interior Square will work closely with you to create your minimalist paradise.

Minimalism is about maximizing time. And, we value your time. Your deadlines are sacrosanct to us.

Our Philosophy

A Minimalist’s Solution

Our philosophy leans on the foundations of ‘Minimalism’ and ‘Decluttering’. We believe in the very profound idea - “Less is more...” - which means the less you possess, the more freedom you own. Minimalist architecture involves the use of reductive design elements, without ornamentation or decoration. We believe that condensing the content and form of a design to its bare essentials reveals the true 'essence of architecture.'

“Your home is living space, not a storage space”

Francine Jay

As minimalists, we intentionally focus on things that add value to your life, and remove everything else that causes distraction.

We also believe that there is no ‘one solution’ to a design problem. A space can have multiple designs as its solution. Each space is unique and changes depending on the user’s function. Hence we put in a lot of effort to understand your needs and functions of your spaces. We don’t believe in having fixed budgets and schemes as it restricts the scope for creativity.

Our values

Our values are the bedrock of Interiors Square

“Our values” and “Heart Principle” are what create our culture of our organization. They help us stay true to the tenets of uplifting customer service, so that every service we provide is an experience rather than a transaction.

Our values are

  • Passion for our work – service with heart
  • Create Beauty – we are all artists at work.
  • Be Accountable – we are responsible for what we do
  • Be Trustworthy – honesty pays
  • Be Connected – with our teams and customers
  • Value creation – what else can we do?
  • Innovate – imagine…..and pioneer.

The HEART Principle…
Hear to understand
Empathy to feel with others
Art to bring out beauty
Rituals to be faithful to our processes
Transcend ourselves to be the best we can be
Our mission, values and Heart principles together create our culture and our brand!

Why Us

For Interiors Square, our Mission remains our guiding star.

“To see the smile on the faces of our customers as we transform their living spaces into orderly, soulful and beautiful places.”

Bespoke Designs

We have an Interior Design team that will listen attentively to understand your needs and requirements. All interiors will be uniquely designed, specifically for you.

20+ Years Of Living Our Values

We adhere to our values. Our passion for quality, beauty, innovation, customer delight and honesty ensure customers get what we promise. We have lived these values for more than 20 years of our service.

Minimalist Philosophy

Our company’s philosophy is strongly guided by principles of Minimalism & Decluttering - to maximise a boundless lifestyle.We strive to give you spaces that are simple & elegant, yet timeless.


Interior Square as an organisation will stand by customers and promise accountability. We will NEVER take shortcuts to maximise profits.You will get complete satisfaction & full value for every rupee you spend.

Maintaining Your Beautiful Home

Maintain the elegance of your home, year after year, through our decluttering & cleaning services. Our parent company - Service Square - has been keeping homes in Chennai Squeaky clean for the past 20+ years.

On Time Guarantee

All commitments from us to our clients are given in writing, so there is no ambiguity. We follow strong Project Management protocols to complete all works within the promised time frame. In case of time overruns, we pay the rent for the period of delay.

Other Services

Mission of providing Affordable and Quality services

If you love building inspiring & beautiful spaces , why stop at just interiors?

Professional solutions for property improvement needs with Service Square .

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Our Portfolio

Redefining interirors and delivering beautiful spaces.


Let our clients do the talking for us..